Charles McCullough, CP Tester – Field Technician

We congratulate GySgt. McCullough on his recent retirement from the USMC after 20 years of service and feel lucky to have him join our team.   Mr. McCullough’s background in Administration of Criminal Justice, his experience in equipment support squadrons, embassy security, and MacGyver skills in various countries will serve our field/lab work and forensic investigations well.  Mr. McCullough conducts field work, soil sample collection, Wenner 4 pin resistivity measurements, and Corrosion test station surveys. Mr. McCullough is trained in machining, metallurgical sample preparation, soil corrosivity testing, and corrosive bacteria testing.

Charles has passed his NACE Cathodic Protection Tester course (CP-1) and serves Project X as:

  • Field technician for Pipe to Soil potential surveys
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Soil Resistivity testing using Wenner 4 Pin methods
  • Soil Sample collection
  • Laboratory Machinist cutting pipes or anything coming our way
  • Soil Laboratory Technician  assisting NACE engineers in preparing and testing soil samples
  • Metallurgy Laboratory Technician assisting materials engineers with mounting and polishing samples for microstructure evaluation
  • OSHA Safety Expert
  • Mechanical Systems expert and Equipment Manager
  • Construction expert

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