Ernesto Padilla, EIT – Field Engineer

Ernesto Padilla has joined Project X Corrosion Engineering bringing nearly 25 years of Honorable Service and experience from the Department of the NAVY.  His military career started in the Marine Corps as a Helicopter Mechanic, Crew Chief, and Search and Rescue Swimmer.  During his Marine tour he completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal Poly Pomona.  Soon after graduation he received a commission from Officer Candidate School and joined the Civil Engineer Corps where he worked with NAVFAC and the Seabees.  Lieutenant Commander Padilla (Retired) spent most of his engineering career in facility operations, design, maintenance, and construction management.  His work has taken him to Spain, Lemoore CA, Iraq, Port Hueneme CA, Japan, and Twentynine Palms CA.  Mr. Padilla also spent a year working on a mechanical engineer masters specializing in thermal dynamics.  His master thesis project involved researching dynamics of fire spread in zero gravity situations such as the international space station.  His expertise lends well to facility investigations, consulting, lab testing, and field work involving soil sample collection, Wenner 4 pin resistivity measurements, and Corrosion test station surveys. Mr. Padilla is trained in forensic investigation, machining, metallurgical sample preparation, soil corrosivity testing, soil thermal conductivity measurement, and corrosive bacteria testing.

Ernesto Padilla