Forensic Corrosion Investigations to determine cause of corrosion usually requires the opinion of an expert in corrosion, water loss damage, or failure analysis.


Project X Corrosion Engineering has licensed California State Professional Engineer and NACE Certified Corrosion Engineers and technicians meeting the state definition requirements of “Corrosion Expert“.  We love our job because we see the weirdest things sometimes and new type of investigations are always popping up.  Mother Nature together with Physics creates interesting consequences.

With over 10 years of field investigation experience, we are experts in investigating internal or external corrosion, evidence sample collection and handling, residue collection and analysis, in field testing and analysis of metals, soil, or water.  In the Southern California corrosion engineering community, we are known for out-of-the-box thinking and solutions thanks to our experience in laboratory research, civil engineering land development and public works, corrosion consulting, and forensic investigations.  Our in house machine shop, metallurgy lab, and soil/water testing lab allow us quick Turn-Around-Times (TAT).

You may think we are far from your jobsite, but remember that even if you hire a local company, the expert sent to your site may still live far away.  Our location in Murrieta provides easy access and service to all Southern California metropolitan areas and we do not charge for miles driven for forensic investigations.


forensic investigations


  • Hydrogen Induced Cracking of steel fittings at oil refinery
  • Water leaks in copper & PEX plumbing systems in homes and skyscrapers
  • Pitting of Monel 400 series piping at oil refinery
  • Underground water leaks of copper and PEX plumbing systems
  • Dezincification of brass fittings
  • Corrosion of rebar in concrete
  • Corrosion of Post Tensioning systems in concrete foundations
  • Corrosion of galvanized steel flashing products
  • Corrosion of sanitation waste pipe
  • Waterless urinal corrosion
  • Soil corrosivity analysis
  • Internal water corrosivity analysis and internal corrosion origin determination
  • Lead contamination in potable water system origin determination and mitigation
  • Iron Waste Pipe Corrosion
  • Water Heater leaks
  • Automobile Fire investigation
  • Borescope inspection of containers and pipes
  • Corrosive Bacteria sampling and analysis
  • Determination of stain origins on various materials
  • Coating condition assessment and measurement
  • Pipe pressurization & leak testing monitoring with data logger
  • Space humidity and temperature monitoring with data logger
  • Material ASTM standard verifications
  • Stainless Steel corrosion in potable waters