Corrosion Forensic Investigations

Provided for clients desiring to understand why they have a corrosion problem to determine what should be done to control it.

Corrosion Evaluation & Control Recommendations

Corrosion control recommendations for above ground, underground, and submerged environments. We can test for corrosive bacteria, estimate life of materials and install corrosion rate monitoring systems. We can also provide corrosion surveys of infrastructure for above ground and underground infrastructure.

Soil & Water Testing

5 Day turn around on corrosion series testing of soil and water along with corrosion evaluation report with corrosion control recommendations. We can collect soil samples if needed and perform Wenner 4 Pin and thermal resistivity field work.

Material Testing

Our lab can create corrosion coupons, and perform metallurgical analysis on metals to provide micro-hardness testing, thermal resistivity, FEA analysis, and corrosion elemental analysis to determine cause of corrosion. We also provide corrosion rate analysis of metals in various soil corrosivities and environments to aid in design specifications.